Law Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Chandigarh Legal Solution is a law firm operating in Chandigarh. Our dependable and appellate law services include finding the solution for complex legalities and representing individuals, corporations and institutions in criminal and civil cases, primarily in Punjab and Haryana High Court and Armed Forces Tribunal, Chandigarh Regional Bench at Chandimandir and in certain cases before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. By handling numerous trials, arguing hundreds of civil, criminal appeals and service matters, our lawyers have gained vast experience in the field of law. In addition to litigation issues, our firm also deals in PIL, Arbitration Matters, Personal Law, Consumer Disputes, and Election Petitions.

Personal Law: Personal law cases can be anything. It may be matrimonial disputes or divorce matters. We know it is a very difficult phase from which a person has to go through, especially when there’s no one to support him/her. The Personal Lawyer of Chandigarh Legal Solutions has years of expertise in a wide range of matrimonial and divorce issues. We can also help you in property division, adoptions, determination of child and spousal support, and determination of divorce applications, which can also include uncontested-divorce cases. Our personal law experts have years of success rate in handling domestic violence and matrimonial cases.

Consumer Disputes: We at Chandigarh Legal Solutions pledge to protect the rights of the consumer, as well as assuring fair competition, trade, and flow of correct information in the market. Our Consumer Disputes Lawyer deals with issues like prohibiting false advertising, implementing safety measures to the product sale for regulating secure debt collection process and protecting consumer’s identity, etc. We know all the tactics and regulations necessary to implement an equitable balance for buyers in the marketplace, thus preventing sellers from doing unfair trade with the consumer. Our lawyers are dedicated to protecting the consumer’s rights. With our excellent success rate in this field, you can rely on us for any type of advice related to consumer disputes cases.

Crminal Law can be intricate and highly complex sometimes. We at Chandigarh Legal Solutions understand the importance of Criminal Law to its roots. Our Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh have years of experience in the field, which makes one of the top advocates in Chandigarh. We understand that someone facing a criminal case, his/her life is at stake. So, it is important that a Criminal Lawyer must be highly intelligent and equipped with an accurate knowledge to provide justice to the client. The criminal law lawyers at Chandigarh Legal Solutions are among the best criminal defence lawyers in India with an excellent success rate in different types of criminal cases. Most of the cases handled by our experts on a regular basis are:

Criminal revisions, Managing trials and evidence, Negotiable Instrument Act-138 (Bouncing of Cheques), Cheating and Frauds, Criminal breach of trust, Criminal writs, Misappropriation of funds, Suspension of the sentence, Bail, Embezzlement, Criminal complaint cases

Civil Law In their whole career, our civil law lawyers have gained an abundance of experience by representing hundreds of clients in civil law cases. These matters include:

Debt recovery cases, Real Estate and Construction Disputes, Suits Under Partnership Act., Transfer Petitions, Disputes Concerning Agreements and Contracts, Labour and employment matters, Writ Petitions, Property Matters, Family Law, Trusts, Consumer Law Cases, Execution and Objections of Arbitral Awards, Suits for Specific Performance of Contract, Service Law, Execution of Decrees, Will and Probate, Healthcare Litigation, Partition Suits, Special Leave Petitions, etc.

We have strong relations with expert witnesses, such as computer forensics experts and handwriting experts. Their testimony is very helpful in conducting smooth and flawless legal proceedings. Whether it’s a property dispute, negligence case, or rent matters, our expert civil law lawyers will assist you efficiently in every matter. We have maintained our reputation as the best law firm in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, and as well as in Supreme Court of India, and High Court Chandigarh.

Arbitration Matters: Our dispute resolution team is well-known for its creativity and in-depth experience in handling disputes for international and domestic clients in tribunals and courts. We represented clients in diverse international and domestic arbitration. India is well-known for stretching a dispute over a longer period of time. But you don’t have to worry about that if you have Chandigarh Legal Solutions at your side. Our team of top lawyers has the ability to move matters quickly, thus making each hearing effective and in favor of the client. The blueprint of the strategies is made in-house by keeping in mind the best interest of the client to put forth the case with strong evidence. We work effectively with foreign consulting/law firms to deliver efficient solutions in cross-border cases. Our services relating to arbitration matters, includes:

Election PetitionsIn general, an election petition is about challenging a parliamentary election result. These petitions are addressed by one of the common-law division's Judges of the High Court. But, what is the procedure of filing a petition, and what are the criteria? It consists of filing the appropriate forms to request permission from a court to hear an election-related matter. Although the process is relatively simple, it can be overwhelming for those who never filed a petition before. Our lawyers can help you in understanding the entire requirement governing the court system and will guide you in filing an election petition.

Public Interest Litigation: The aim of Public Interest Litigation practice is to get excellent results for the clients in need, especially those who don’t know about their rights. There are many people who don’t even have the means to hire a good Punjab, Haryana, or Chandigarh Lawyer for PIL, who have experience in practicing in Punjab and Haryana High Court, Tribunals and Forums, Supreme Court, or to meet the legal needs of NGO, and Charities. You don’t have to worry anymore. Our team of experienced PIL Lawyers is dedicated to providing great legal services to those in need. We take our responsibilities seriously and pledge to make a great impact through our PIL work.